Faith Formation Every Day

Faith formation is central to the living experience of St. Clare Catholic School. Clarification of individual values is taught in Religion classes and through family life programs. Through a cooperative approach, both parents and teachers share the responsibility of helping our students develop healthy, wholesome Christian attitudes and values.

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Since the school recognizes the primary teachers of faith are the parents, we not only facilitate parental involvement in the religion curriculum, but provide suggestions of ways to share faith both at home and through the parishes. St. Clare focuses on living an attitude of gratitude by involvement in the community through service. Prayer and liturgical celebrations are also central to our faith. The students are involved in daily prayer and Eucharistic celebrations.

St. Clare provides many religious experiences for the students, faculty and parents. Some of these experiences include:

  • Daily morning and afternoon prayer

  • Weekly Eucharist celebrations

  • Sacramental preparation

  • Advent & Lenten activities including Ash Wednesday service, Stations of the cross, Chrism Mass and Reconciliation

  • St. Vincent de Paul service activities

  • Field trips to the Basilica and the Poor Clare’s

  • Mission Masses, Pet Blessing, Respect Life Mass, Bible Presentation and Retreats for students and staff

“At St. Clare I have learned to be the heart and hands of Jesus. We learn to share, help, and forgive others. Because of the smaller classes it is easy to talk to your teachers. St. Clare has many activities that students can participate in, these activities teach you to work as a team, compete but still have fun, help your school and community, and show your talents. Everyone is friends and we are there for each other. We are all very close and we are one big family.”
— Julie Warchol, St. Clare Student