St. Clare Catholic School has a legacy in O’Fallon, serving the St. Clare, St. Nicholas and Corpus Christi parishes, as leading educator of students with spiritual formation at our core.  We believe the work we do today is essential for building a better world – not just in the future, but with each passing day. The teachings of studies, as well as compassion and community awareness, have our students making a positive impact in their families, communities, and lives year after year.

We welcome all families to consider St. Clare School as an option for their children’s education and growth. Our family is happy to embrace those who are looking for more and strive daily to meet the challenges of education and the individual needs of our students.

To learn more about our preschool and primary school, we invite you to explore our websites. Feel free to contact us to schedule a tour of the facilities and to speak with our administration.


Save the Date: Our Open House

We are already preparing for our open house. Please share the date with those you know who may be interested in learning more about St. Clare School  K-8th grade and our Preschool Programs for the 2016-2017 academic year.  Sunday, 31 January 2016 from 1:30 – 3 p.m.

St. Clare School Academic Calendar 2015-2016

“Our school is truly blessed by the continued support of our parishes.  The faith formation, academic excellence and student life could not be what it is without the support of the parishioners from St. Clare, St. Nicholas and Corpus Christi.”

-Kristine Blair, St. Clare Parent

“My husband and I chose St. Clare School for our children because of its record for excellent education, but more importantly for the reinforcement of the morals we try to instill in our Christian home. We are blessed to share in the joy and kindness of our children enhanced by St.Clare. It’s an exciting and unique experience to have your child comment that there are 9 kids from her class one Sunday at church.”

-Alicia and Ryan Luechtefeld, St. Clare Parents

“Kindergarten is the first place outside of home for the children to continue the formation of faith started by their parents.   We teach the children daily by the way we greet them in the morning, how we help them play at recess and throughout the day.  We try to teach as Jesus did, how to care for and treat each other by our example.”

-Mrs. Jane Cygan, Kindergarten Teacher, St. Clare School

“St Clare teaches our children so that the transition into high school and college is a smooth one with sound fundamentals and skills needed to succeed. Being a high school and college golf coach I know the importance of education, athletic preparedness and social skills needed to adjust and succeed in life – St. Clare provides these qualities at a very high level.”

-Dan Polites , St. Clare Parent , Alderman, Ward 2

“We have been grateful to be a part of the family at St. Clare School. The school has given us the opportunity to be directly involved with our children’s education by serving as classroom volunteers, serving on the school board, participating in school masses, and even coaching basketball.”

-Chris and Marci Lowery, St. Clare Parents

“At St. Clare I have learned to be the heart and hands of Jesus. We learn to share, help, and forgive others.  Because of the smaller classes it is easy to talk to your teachers.  St. Clare has many activities that students can participate in, these activities teach you to work as a team, compete but still have fun, help your school and community, and show your talents. Everyone is friends and we are there for each other. We are all very close and we are one big family.”

-Julie Warchol, St. Clare Student

“St. Clare School helped our daughters develop the self-confidence to enthusiastically enter the complicated and occasionally intimidating world beyond the blacktop; the discipline to meet academic challenges and excel at honors-level classes in both high school and college; and the grace and depth of faith to remain joyful, active stewards in the Catholic Church long after 8th grade graduation.”

-Kathy and Jeff Sjoquist, Parents of Alumni

“I have had two kids graduate from St. Clare School, I have three kids currently enrolled, and I have one child at the new preschool. I love St. Clare because it is Christ-centered. My children are learning to be good disciples of Jesus.  The stellar education they are receiving is an added bonus.”

-Mary Fleming, St. Clare Parent

“When it was time for our oldest son to start school, we explored both public and Catholic education. When we toured St. Clare Catholic School, we noticed and felt something different. As the principal gave us a tour of the school, we saw students attending Mass, parents volunteering, happy and excited children, and warm and friendly teachers and staff…it felt more like a family.”

-Chris and Marci Lowery, St. Clare Parents

“I have been a Guidance Counselor at OTHS for the past 17 years.  My experience has been that St. Clare graduates possess good organizational and study skills – they know HOW to learn.  Many of the St. Clare students are able to enroll in honors and college preparatory courses and are very competitive with students coming from the larger area junior high schools.”

-Ellen Gravlin, O’Fallon High School Guidance Counselor